The Pipe factory dedicates one of five floors specifically to artists that require space to create, produce and disseminate ideas through a studio based practise. The studios house 2 artists and 24/7 Collective in an open plan setting.

Thank you for all your enquiries for studio spaces! Unfortunately, we are full at this time and cannot consider any enquiries for studio space. We will update this information if we have availability, so keep checking back.

Katy Hundertmark

Katy Hundertmark is a Scottish-German artist with a special interest in the threshold of the visual and performing arts. She was born in Oman in 1992 and raised in Germany, where she received her initial education in Visual Communication. After a year of specialisation at the Photography Department of Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem she decided to pursue her studies in Scotland and now holds an MLitt Degree in Photography and Moving Image from the Glasgow School of Art. Over the past years her work has been exhibited internationally in Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy and China.

Resonating between performance and the visual arts Hundertmark´s work investigates and explores the concept of identity and it´s entanglements, while paying close attention to the female position throughout history. Her practice has a strong connection to theatre and is driven by a desire to make sense of the complex relationships between greater cultural and historical concepts that influence and make up the human entity. By predominantly using her own self as the vantage point and implementation of such inquiries, the staged self-portrait has become the main embodiment to capture the personas she adopts and transformations she undertakes to fulfil those ambitions. Recently her practice has made a considerable shift towards multi disciplinary art forms, using the gallery space as the stage and translating her narrative images into materials and notions within it, rather than restraining to the photograph as the exclusive form of manifestation.


Leontios Toumpouris

Leontios Toumpouris is a GSA MLitt Sculpture graduate (2016). He is currently based in Glasgow.

Leontios Toumpouris moves between disciplines to investigate the appropriation of qualities, properties, methodologies and gestures and invent ways to physically manifest transitions. In his recent practice he conducts a shift from painting to its sculptural embodiment. The surface’s tension and its flatness, its relation to volume, the planar view, layering and the limitation of the surface, attuned with the experience of performing painting, are explored via abstraction and a material-oriented creation of objects. Non-linearity is employed to indicate an open-ended approach to causality.