The Pipe Factory is a space for art that is dedicated to the production and dissemination of artists work and ideas. We run a public visual arts and learning programme that includes exhibitions, workshops, residencies, events and publications, provide affordable spaces for artists to work and opportunities to experiment and exhibit in a supportive community environment.

Past Committee Members: Kirsty Allan, Esme Armour, Tavienne Bridgwater, Sam Desantis, Daisy Douglas, Lucas Ferguson-Sharp, Amanda Graze Hamilton, Sonja Hufton, Marcus Jack, Rachel Levine, Lindsay Mylet, Simon Weins, Abigale Neate Wilson, Luca Nasciuti, Laura Plant, Katie Shannon, Stephen Sheriff, Jo Sweeny, MollyMae WhawellJack Wansbrough.

Administrator: Moira Thomson

Building Manager: Leontios Toumpouris

Director: Verity Hocking,

Past Directors: Tavienne Bridgwater, Beth Dynowski, Alexander Storey Gordon, Genevieve Gourlay, Steven Grainger, Amanda Graze Hamilton, Stephen Sheriff, Nick Walker.