Encounter no.1

Encounter no. 1

Sogol Mabadi and Emma Helen Reid
The Pipe Factory, Ground Floor Gallery, Moncur St entrance
(relocated from Intermedia, CCA)

Preview: Thursday 12 July, 7pm – 9pm, sponsored by Tyree Gin
Exhibition open: Friday 13 July to Sunday 29 July, between Thursdays and Sundays, 12 – 6pm
Performances: ‘I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger’

Please see below for performance times and booking details.

‘Encounter no. 1’ is a joint endeavour by Sogol Mabadi and Emma Helen Reid and is intended to be the first of many collaborations.

Through sculpture, writing, performance, and video, Mabadi and Reid mobilise efforts to alert viewers and participants to the role of the body, including internal landscapes, in our digitised era.

Their new works consider the implications that digitisation and contemporary communication technologies have on the experience of being in your body and on the ways you encounter another.

Throughout ‘Encounter no. 1’, the central components of privacy – solitude, intimacy, anonymity, and reserve – resonate. Care is important. By “resuscitating the corporeal” in our new media environment they explore ways of experiencing being-there and being-with.

Out with exhibition opening times there will be a series of performances of Mabadi and Reid’s new collaborative work, I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger.

Performances of ‘I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger’ (booking essential)
Friday 20 July, 11am
Saturday 21 July, 11am
Monday 23 July, 6pm

Performances last around 35 mins. There are four places available on each performance. To book a place, please speak to the artists while they invigilate the exhibition, or email encountercollab@gmail.com

With thanks to the team at CCA and The Pipe Factory. With special thanks to Katie Reid for holding critical conversations with us during the project’s development. Preview sponsored by Tyree Gin.

Accessibility notes:
The exhibition is at The Pipe Factory in the Ground Floor Gallery. The entrance is on Moncur Street through double doors and is step-free, however there is a lip at the entrance doorway.
The gallery has uneven flooring. There is a step, which is marked with hazard tape. There is a toilet located on the top floor of the building reached by stairs, there are no toilet facilities on the ground floor. The exhibition text and gallery map are available in large print from the invigilator. The work within the exhibition does not include flashing lights or loud noise.
If you have any questions or would like further information please get in touch at:  encountercollab@gmail.com

The Uncommon Beauty of Common Things

The Uncommon Beauty of Common Things

June 9th – 24th 2018

Opening days: 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th of  June 
Open times: 10:00-16:00

Charles and Ray Eames explored what they characterised as ‘the uncommon beauty of common things’ through a rich variety of media. The pleasures of everyday activities, familiar objects, and ordinary encounters were shown to have profound emotional and aesthetic significance, and this sensibility underpinned their design work. In this exhibition, Hoskins Architects brings together a wide range of friends and collaborators working across diverse fields, to examine through a variety of media the special potential of everyday things.

The exhibition is part of the Architecture Fringe 2018 Programme.

Event Page

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Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

April 20th – May 7th

Are you sick of going to a site-specific exhibitions and the artists have literally responded to the windows?

Or seeing a group show and It’s just work you’ve already seen online politely scattered around a white space?

This is not CHUMMING. Located at The Pipe Factory, a Grade-B listed industrial space in Glasgow’s historic Barras region, the exhibition is interested in the culture the space inhabits and the group show as a model for artists to crossover, further exploring new levels of discourse & engagement. Accompanying events include unique happenings with local musicians and filmmakers.

No Safe Haven

No Safe Haven

March 30th, 6-10pm

An exhibition and auction of Glasgow School of Art student, staff and alumni work in support of Glasgow Women’s Aid.

One in four women experience domestic violence at some point in their lives, two women are killed each week by a current or former partner and in 2016-17 there were 58,810 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in Scotland.

Glasgow Women’s Aid relies on donations to help provide its services. Money raised through the auction will go towards supporting them to continue their work: provide information, support and temporary refuge accommodation to the 5,000 women and children that contact them on a yearly basis.

27th March, 6-9pm- Show opening

28th & 29th March- Artworks exhibited for viewing 11am-5pm

30th March, 6-10pm- Auction hosted by Jacqueline Donachie

Hosted by students of GSA in partnership with CIVIC ROOM and supported by Pipe Factory, with thanks to Lyon and Turnbull.

View the auction brochure here

Sabe Lewellyn: How Curious! How real!

How Curious! How real!

Sabe Lewellyn

March 17th – 1st of April

For his first solo exhibition in Glasgow, American conceptual artist Sabe Lewellyn presents a new body of work that considers the psychology of the body and questions the possibilities and limitations of figuration. Lewellyn’s complex yet playful practice is characterised by allusion, where focal points are teasingly hidden and meaning is subtly implied. The exhibition plays with visual imaginaries, exploring human desire and the promise of utopia through simplicity and poetic.
Stimulated by existential queries and investigations into what-ifs, each one of his artworks acts as a vessel to tell a new story, collectively fitting into an overarching narrative where fictions and realities collide. Bells, envelopes of wildflower seed for bumblebee habitat, perfume disposer, in constant motion combine to reflect the artist’s interest in the dialectics of self-awareness and the barriers to understanding.

Dorine Aguerre: Where What Who

Where What Who

Dorine Aguerre

March 17th – 1st of April

This site specific video installation by the Glasgow based artist Dorine Aguerre is composed of two videos, Do Not Cross and For The Record, and the installation, In the Infinitely Small. Aguerre will explore the idea of a mise en scene, focusing on its construction and its backstage, where the viewer’s gaze is invited to take the role of a camera, framing the constructed decor. Inspired by the detective TV genre this work exaggerates the different steps of an investigation; questioning the narrative construction, the way the investigation storytelling is staged in a popular TV series and its theatrical codes.

Dorine Aguerre is an artist from the Basque Country living and working in Glasgow.

Jack Bishop: Almost There

Almost There

Jack Bishop

March 17th – 1st of April

Almost There combines a series of sculptural installations that document the shifting environment encountered within the home, pivoting around the underlying tensions felt within these transformative spaces. Components of the work are made from raw building material such as wood, insulation and foam which have been altered to take on new connotations which question the structural integrity of the physical and mental walls that surround us.
Some works respond to the voyeuristic gaze of an empty house, an ever-present feeling of being watched. Inanimate objects have embodied social pressures and represent the often critical self-judgement encountered while alone. They stand as a reactive process assembled from contrasting materials in response to this transient environment of comfort and discomfort. This feeling of uncertainty has been investigated through its different manifestations and coping methods which have led to works masquerading as sublime beings of like-ability, playing on insecurities and the facades used to conceal them.

Jack Bishop is an artist living and working in Glasgow.

Pipe By Night: Film Fundraiser

Pipe By Night: Film Fundraiser

This event will be the inauguration of our new strand ‘Pipe by Night’. Our Pipe by Night series will play host to a wide variety of events, supporting creatives from a range of disciplines, encouraging new work and collaboration.

Proceeds from this first event will help fund a documentary film about the restrictions on freedom of movement in Palestine. The documentary, being made by a team based in Glasgow, will focus on the Palestine Marathon. The film will follow a group of runners as they travel to Palestine in March to run the marathon, along side a group of Palestinian friends from the group ‘Right to Movement’. In May, the Glaswegian team will welcome the Palestinan group to Scotland when they will run the Edinburgh marathon together. The team will be filming on the night and the fundraiser will feature in the documentary.

7:30pm – 8pm
‘Occupied Skies’ by Daniel Easterman and Woody Morris
In the West Bank village of Burin, local volunteers are preparing to hold their annual kite festival. Despite fear of arrest or violent retribution, the volunteers hope that through this act of cultural resistance they are able to re-enforce their connection to the land, and bring their country one small step forward towards self-determination.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/233951421

The film will be followed by:

Details TBC

Glasgow’s Lylo are here to dazzle you with their emotionally charged, blue eyed soul – their seductive & melancholic vocals weave around woozy synths and saxophone, tingling guitars, smooth, pulsating bass and a hot flurry of drum fills and tight as syncopated rhythms. Coming from Glasgow’s DIY scene and crossing over musical genres has marked Lylo as one of Glasgow’s most distinct and appealling bands. (- Freakender)

Pleasure Pool
The image has cracked – the centre cannot hold. In an age of too many backward-looking bands, with corpses in their mouths, Pleasure Pool have arrived.
Like lost children, we will live our unfinished adventures, in an evening of reasoned derangement of the senses, resolving the paradoxical duality of the mind-body schism, by making you dance. Hard. If you don’t, we don’t care. After all, the tears of philistines are the nectar of the Gods.


Ewan Chambers (Healthy)


Katie Shannon (So Low)

If you would not like to be featured in the documentary, please let one of The Pipe Factory committee/volunteers know on the night.




21st October – 5th November
Sat & Sun 11 – 5pm / Mon – Fri by appointment only.
Preview: 20th October 2017, 7-9pm

The Pipe Factory is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of new work by Beagles & Ramsay.

The Reckless Eyeball

Witness a series of digital animations featuring a cast of simulated yet ecstatic proto-geriatrics gyrating to the track PINGPINGJERKSPASM (soon to be released by Nieuw Hoofdschudden Records). Uncontrollable rhythmic convulsions along with regular doses of 2000mg have prompted such enthusiastic responses.

New Headache

Sculptures include a selection of battered and frayed Slabs. A calcified Ballbone, along with numerous smaller objects crafted from encrusted Polyvinyl Chloride, hand gathered dust and a fusion of reconstituted matter supplement this display.

Triumph Of Zero

A series of new large-scale prints will be exhibited, including Gum Fun Lump and Want Block Update. These works on canvas have developed out of the old bump heads mentality but shifted onwards and downwards into the ooze hive of big thoughts. Scrutinise and gape at Type IV Fun, Grunt Grunt Grunt and We Can Collide MushParallel incremental sophistication.

Big Time

To complete the show a selection of fresh garments for torso and limbs are available from the 2017 Headstiff Collection, which will be modeled by a team of less than willing urbanites. Lanyard accessories are guaranteed to be to the fore this season. Happy days.

Ping Ping

Beagles & Ramsay have worked steadily to do joy complete since 1996. Their work has been exhibited widely in the UK, including shows at Transmission and Tramway in Glasgow, the ICA London, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and the Fruitmarket, Edinburgh. They have shown internationally at venues including the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, PS1 and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, Migros Museum, Zurich, and the Venice Biennale. Recently their work has been included in the national survey exhibitions ‘Generation. 25 Years Of Contemporary Art In Scotland’ (2014) and ‘The Scottish Endarkenment. Art and Unreason 1945 to the Present’ (2016).


Trinh T Minh-ha: Women, Native, Other

Trinh T Minh-ha: Women, Native, Other

7th – 15th October
Sat & Sun 12 – 5pm / Mon – Fri by appointment only.
Preview: 6th September 2017, 7-9pm

Document Film Festival 2017 and The Pipe Factory present Women, Native, Other, an installation Trinh T Minh-ha’s early film works in series. Poignant and at times disorientating, these early films not only demonstrate the beauty of film but also demand the viewer to question oneself, as spectator.

Reassemblage (7-10 October)
1982 | 40m (loop)

Women are the focus but not the object of Trinh T. Minh-ha’s influential first film, a complex visual study of the women of rural Senegal. Through a complicity of interaction between film and spectator, Reassemblage reflects on documentary filmmaking and the ethnographic representation of cultures.

With uncanny eloquence, Reassemblage distills sounds and images of Senegalese villagers and their surroundings to reconsider the premises and methods of ethnographic filmmaking. By disjunctive editing and a probing narration this ‘documentary’ strikingly counterpoints the authoritative stance typical of the National Geographic approach. — Laura Thielan

Surname Viet, Given Name Nam (8-15 October)
1989 | 1hr 48m (loop)

This profoundly personal documentary explores the role of Vietnamese women historically and in contemporary society. Using dance, printed texts, folk poetry and the words and experiences of Vietnamese women in Vietnam—from both North and South—and the United States, Trinh’s film challenges official culture with the voices of women. A theoretically and formally complex work, Surname Viet, Given Name Nam explores the difficulty of translation, and themes of dislocation and exile, critiquing both traditional society and life since the war.

About the artist:
Trinh T. Minh-ha is a filmmaker, writer and composer. Her practice centres around intersection of gender and colonialism. Her film work exposes the processes of othering and the politics of representation. She is Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies and of Rhetoric at the University of California, Berkeley.

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival 2017

Glasgow Doors Open Day 2017

We are very excited to be part of Glasgow Doors Open Day festival this year. We will open for the entire weekend of the festival, offering a chance to explore our fascinating building, built in 1877 as a clay pipe factory and set within the unique community of the historic Barras market.

The building now houses a burgeoning contemporary arts space and artists studios. During the weekend, our current exhibtion In September dawns I hardly breathe will be open for visitors while we will host a variety of pop-up events over our five floors over the course of the festival, including an exciting late night concert from members of Scottish Ensemble on Friday 15th September.


Our 9 resident artists welcome you into their 1st floor studio to see some work in progress and get an insight into their diverse practices.

‘At this after-hours pop-up event, Daniel Pioro (violin) and Andy Berridge (viola) treat you to an intriguing display of just how dynamic strings can be, set against the 19th century former clay-pipe factory.’
FREE – Booking essential! Book here
FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER, 11pm, doors 10.30pm

Tuck Studio will be hosting a pop-up shop on our ground floor selling plants, prints, gifts and lots more!

Join us for a tour of the building to find out a bit more about its history, architecture and current life within the community.

Sculpt your own clay pipe at this drop in workshop. The Pipe Factory became renowned for its intricate pipes, complete with individual caricature faces, we’ll be remaking these on Sunday. Suitable for all ages.
FREE – Drop-in – SUNDAY 17 SEPTEMBER, 2pm – 5pm

We look forward to welcoming you to The Pipe Factory!
This is event is part of Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival which takes place 11 – 17 September. To find out about other open buildings and events across the city visit the website at www.glasgowdoorsopendaysfestival.com

Marion Ferguson and Jennifer Wicks: In September dawns I hardly breathe

Marion Ferguson and Jennifer Wicks: In September dawns I hardly breathe

2nd – 17th September
Sat & Sun 11am – 5pm / Mon – Fri by appointment only.
Preview: 1st September 2017, 6-9pm

Over a year of collaboration brings Ferguson and Wicks to The Pipe Factory to present their film and sculptural work. Taking its name from Nan Shepherd’s, ‘The Living Mountain’, this new installation is the continuation of their on-going collaborative research project, ‘Disturbance of Memory’, based around the historical and philosophical ideas of landscape and its relationship to experience and memory. These new works are transformed by chance, gesture, and interpretation to explore the landscape as a liberating metaphor and to investigate the transformative nature of time and memory. The interplay of surface, texture and materiality informs the works which seek to create a metaphysical tension for the viewer and question existing boundaries of medium specificity.

About the artists:
Ferguson and Wicks make photographs, drawings, prints, sculptures and films, often combining them into multi-disciplinary installations.

Marion Ferguson’s work examines the landscape tradition via printmaking. The centred position of the viewer is blocked in her installed work, refusing to give her/him a privileged position in order to survey the sublime spectacle. As post-humanist non/spaces, her work uses various print techniques to record a terrain, using the rectilinear form of the soft ground etching process to record the ground under her feet. She then turns this foreground into midground/figure by printing or floating it over large transparent topographies, blocking her own and the viewers centred viewing position. Both subject and object (the landscape) are put in process; neither are finally knowable – yet are there.

Jennifer Wicks predominantly works within drawing, film, sound, sculpture and installation. Her interests lie in the relationship between sound and image and how sensory perception underpins our understanding of our environment and how this in turn affects memory, the construction of it and the inextricable link between memory and landscape. Also engaged with the relationship between video installations and sculpture: the critical effect of shifting film from its traditionally conceived (temporal) image-producing function to its (spatial) sculptural possibilities (and vice versa) and used in new ways and given new meaning. Informed by the concept of liminality and the liminal state between experience and memory, she explores this psychological transformation as a narrative process investigating the subjective nature of memory, history and time.


Catalina Barroso-Luque: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Catalina Barroso-Luque: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

11th – 27th August
Sat & Sun 11am – 5pm / Mon – Fri by appointment only.
Preview: 10th August 2017, 7-9pm

THE PIPE FACTORY is pleased to host Catalina Barroso-Luque new solo exhibition: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Nine months into her residency at the Glasgow Sculpture Studio, Catalina will present a narrative sound installation at The Pipe Factory. The presented work will focus on how body, mind and technology become entangled within inter/intra-personal relationships.

The piece is inspired by research and interviews held between the artist and her brother regarding his use of GECI viruses to map neural networks, the artist’s own experience of working within a hermetic studio, and the possibility of slipping into the voices in one’s head.

Framed within The Pipe Factory’s characteristic state of frozen disrepair, the work plays with the permeable boundaries of physical and psychic architecture exploring the desire to become-with an other, the machine, and space. Within this, narrative is used to navigate inter-subjective experiences through the construction of spaces of imaginary projection and fantasy.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is kindly supported by the Glasgow Sculpture Studios Graduate Fellowship Programme, Platform and the Glasgow Visual Artist & Craft Maker Award Scheme.

Catalina would also like to thank Victoria Chen Wei, Isobel Lutz-Smith, Paul Aitcheson and Mark MacQueen for their help.

Hamish Chapman: Happiness

Hamish Chapman: Happiness

16th – 29th June
Sat & Sun 11am – 5pm / Mon – Fri by appointment only.
Preview: 15th June 2017, 6-9pm

Happiness will comprise of new works, including prints, sculpture and video that draw on jewellery from the Argos catalogue to explore ideas of love and happiness.

Hamish Chapman lives and works in Glasgow having studied Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2015. Recent group exhibitions include I’m with Cupid (Glasgow), Fresh ’n’ Frozen (12ø Collective, London) and Hot Wheels (VoidoidARCHIVE, Glasgow). Hamish is also part of the curatorial platform Very Friendly, a collaboration with Freya Fullarton, Kirsty Melon and Andrew Sim.

Hamish Chapman: Happiness is kindly supported by Glasgow City Council and Hope Scott Trust.


Still House Plants: Talk To The Barking Dogs

Talk To The Barking Dogs

6th – 12th May 2017
Sun & Mon 11am – 5pm / Tue – Fri by appointment only.
Preview: 5th May 2017, 5-9pm

Following from their residency in February, The Pipe Factory is excited to welcome Still House Plants and Nina Cavaciuti back for their exhibition Talk To The Barking Dogs.

Talk To The Barking Dogs celebrates communal art practice as an avenue towards positive self-development.

Improvisational uses of varying performative conventions are the elements of an interdisciplinary, co-dependent practice which oscillates between sound, space, gesture, and the haptic.

Through using the conventions of Western instrumentation, movement, and material, a conversation is generated which investigates how the construction of form and sound reflects ones own mind, and vice versa.

Marion Eele, currently on The Glasgow School of Art’s MLitt Curatorial Practice program, will supplement the exhibition with a written piece in response to Molding a Contemporary Soul: The Empty-Full of Lygia Clark by Suely Rolnik.

Finlay Clark, Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach, David Kennedy, and Nina Cavaciuti are all in their final year of study at The Glasgow School of Art.

Brian McFie & Geneva Sills

Brian McFie & Geneva Sills

9th – 30th April 2017
Sat & Sun 11am – 6pm / Mon – Fri by appointment only.
Preview: 8th April 2017, 2 – 5pm

Brain McFie & Geneva Sills have come together to exhibit two recent bodies of work at The Pipe Factory.

McFie paintings fluctuate between en plein air ‘training’ and more gestural/abstract explorations. Sills’ recent use of experimental black & white film processing presented as silver gelatin prints lies in the gap between photography and painting. In aligning their two practices the artists’ aim to create a simplistic relationship between their works, suggest an aesthetic dialogue and offer a liberal viewing experience.

Residency: Still House Plants

RESIDENCY: Still House Plants

27th February – 5th March 2017

Still House Plants, a Glasgow-based three piece band, will be collaborating with artist Nina Cavaciuti for the duration of their residency.

Still House Plants’ residency at The Pipe Factory will be followed by a public event later in Spring 2017. More details available soon.

Can trauma be overcome through treating the fluidity of life as something which can be split into still images and observed?

France-Lise Mcgurn, Urara Tsuchiya and Zoe Williams – Love Remains

France-Lise Mcgurn, Urara Tsuchiya and Zoe Williams
♥ ♥ ♥

Burning hearts…….We invite you for a romantic post Valentines dinner and soiree.

Menu to set your heart on fire, (bring gaviscon), potent love cocktails, magical matchmaking and more.

Highlights include ‘Penthouse special aroma room service, with warm bath option’.

After dinner slip into something more comfortable for music, mingling and polite drinks.

Dinner tickets £20 – 1 sumptious meal provided by your hosts, love potions available + BYOB welcome.

This event is a fundraiser for France-Lise Mcgurn, Urara Tsuchiya and Zoe Williams forthcoming exhibition and event series at The Pipe Factory in late spring 2017.

Daniel Poller – Stone Record


Daniel Poller 
Stone Record
08.10 – 06.11
Preview 07.10 6pm

Artist in Conversation with Toby Paterson and guests TBC 04.11 6pm

The Pipe Factory is pleased to present Stone Record  by Leipzig-based artist Daniel Poller, supported by the Goethe Institut and the Hope Scott Trust. This new body of work examines the protection, reconstruction and adaptive reuse of the built environment. It takes as its starting point the disassembled fragments of a steeple-like bell tower of the Stevenson Institute, a 19th century school building in Largs.

In 2012 Historic Scotland took responsibility for the protection of the bell tower’s masonry, deconstructing the tower piece by piece by hand and conserving it in storage, each block individually numbered in order for its eventual reconstruction. This stone inventory was discovered by Poller whilst researching the process of architectural conversion and façadism during a residency at Cove Park in 2014. Since this time the bell tower has been recommissioned as an ornamental façade in a social housing project 5.2m from its original location.

Travelling around Scotland, Poller documented several examples of adapted historical structures, recording the architectural palimpsest of the contemporary cityscape. Work presented in Stone Record plays with the superimposed layers of history, dissecting and reassembling the images of the buildings to form a visual critique of their cultural heritage.

The Pipe Factory serves as a vital contextual backdrop for the exhibition, itself a repurposed 19th Century grade B listed building, currently being readapted as an arts space. By intervening in the Pipe Factory’s architecture Poller’s installation continues to investigate the processes of erasure, reconstruction and the politics of architectural heritage.

Born in 1984 in the GDR Daniel Poller graduated in 2013 from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig in Fine Art Photography. His work has been exhibited internationally. He received a scholarship from the Federal State of Saxony in 2016, the Aenne-Biermann-Award for Contemporary German Photography in 2015 and was resident at Cove Park in 2014.

The Glasgow Nightmare Club presents: SPLAT THEORY

The Glasgow Nightmare Club presents: SPLAT THEORY
01.10 – 03.10
Preview 01.10 7pm joined with performance by Electric High NRG musical duo ‘BonBon’


SuperJames and Rory P Diddy, AKA James Peter and Rory Price under the guise of the ‘Glasgow Nightmare Club’ present new work and Splat Theories.

Antoine Nessi – Uncertain Soldier

THE PIPE FACTORY 24/07- 06/08


Opening Times: Thursday – Sunday 12-5PM

In conjunction with Glasgow Sculpture Studios and Triangle France, The Pipe Factory is pleased to announce UNCERTAIN SOLDIER, an exhibtion of new works made by Antoine Nessi during his three-month artist exchange at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

Throughout his residency at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Nessi has been influenced by the presentation of armament in weaponry trade shows. UNCERTAIN SOLDIER presents the culmination of this research: a new collection of sculptural works that seek to subvert the aesthetic of modern weaponry and the business of war.

Since 2015, The Pipe Factory has collaborated with the GSS to provide a space in which residents can produce a public outcome as a part of their exchange. The Pipe Factory committee were also included on the selection panel for Nessi’s invitation to participate.

Born in 1985, Antoine Nessi lives and works in Marseille, France. He studied at the Dijon National School of Art, at the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) in Paris and at the Paris National school of Fine arts (ENSBA). Recent solo exhibitions include “Monuments pour la société cauchemardesque”, Galerie Interface, Dijon (2015), and “L’Usine moderne”, 360 m3, Lyon (2013). His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions such as “Place publique”, Fonderie Darling, Montreal (2015), “Être Chose”, Ciap Vassivière/ Treignac Project, (2015) and “The promise of moving things”, curated by Chris Sharp, Le Crédac, Ivry-sur-Seine ( 2014), amongst others. In 2010 he was the recipient of a residency program at the Fonderie Darling in Montreal, Quebec (2010).


Please don’t be put off by our scaffolding! But we ask visitors to be aware that there is ongoing building work at The Pipe Factory, which may affect some experiences of the show. Access is currently via the doors on Moncur St.

The Pipe Factory and SIGOHA present – Glasgow Anew: Untold Stories and Transnational Perspectives


The Pipe Factory, 42 Bain St
11th -26th of June

Exhibition open 12-6pm, Tuesday – Sunday

Preview: Saturday 11th June 8pm – late

The Pipe Factory and Settled in Glasgow Oral History Archive present Glasgow Anew: Untold Stories and Transnational Perspectives, as a part of Refugee Festival Scotland.

Settled in Glasgow Oral History Archive is an ongoing oral history archive that seeks to democratise history: to give normal people the opportunity to tell their own story and influence how history will represent them. SIGOHA promotes the voices of Glaswegians that are often left out of official accounts. Through exploring issues of nationality, identity, prejudice and what it takes to call somewhere ‘home’, SIGOHA hopes to construct an alternative history of the city.

Curated by Jessie Lawson and Alasdair Campbell, this exhibition will be the first time these stories are shared in a public setting in Glasgow. Participants were also invited to contribute personal objects which they felt would illuminate important aspects of their lives. Ranging from sand from Robben Island to asylum documents these material ‘things’ serve as props, providing tangible evidence for these subjective experiences recounted from memory.


The exhibition space itself has been re-imagined as an open platform for a series of site-specific events, offered to the participants of the archive to programme their own personal projects:

11th June, 8pmExhibition Launch: we will be celebrating with food, drinks and music, all welcome!
Music from MLW [Sheikh // Philanthrobeats]

17th June, 7pm – Our Stories: a documentary series created and directed by Gameli Tordzro from SIGOHA. It uncovers untold stories of struggle, fear, aspiration and success of immigrants from African communities living in Glasgow. Clare Robertson shares her music and memories of her early days as a child and young musician. Gameli and Clare will host a Q&A session after the film, followed by a collaborative musical performance.

18th June, 6pm – Being Roma in Glasgow: an event by Friends of Romano Lav: a charity challenging discrimination and promoting equality for the Roma people in Scotland. Juliana from SIGOHA will be hosting a film screening on the Roma experience, followed by a talk and discussion with a panel of Roma communities.

19th June, 2-3pm – Mindful Afternoon with Tea: Sunny from SIGOHA brings you an afternoon of Mindfulness and tea. Whether you have never heard of Mindfulness or you are a seasoned pro, Sunny will guide you for a relaxed afternoon of meditation using tea as a unifying factor for all.

Event is free but please email inga.consultancy@gmail.com to book a place

21st June, 7pm – Discussion on Detention Centres: Pinar Aksu, who was detained with her family at the age of 15, will lead a discussion on the current asylum system and refugee crises, including the Standoff Films documentary, “Working Illegally”, looking behind the closed walls and barbed wire of UK border enforcement to expose the reality of immigration detention.


Leylines present three events at The Pipe Factory as part of Glasgow Anew –

Leylines is a cross cultural theatre company bringing to the stage stories of home, homelessness and being caught between languages and cultures.

22nd June, 7.30pm – The Giant and Her Daughter: a special one off performance which ‘follows the journeys of the women in Vasso’s family. Reaching across time and borders, they must find out how much they can overcome. I am blessed by my mother’s misery, and she is blessed by her mother. Sometimes, I am the Giant and she is the Daughter.’

The performance will be followed by a post-show discussion on the themes of the play and sharing stories of home and homelessness.

Tickets £5/£3, available from brownpapertickets.com

23rd June, 10am-3pm – Telling the untold, sharing your story, a workshop: join the Leylines team for a full day workshop, as we explore the telling of stories from near and far, and the most courageous and generous act of all: Telling one’s own story, and asking that story how it wants to be told.

The workshop is free to attend and open to all levels of experience and ability. Email: leylinestheatre@gmail.com to book a place.

24th June, 6pm – Leynight: Calling a new land home: 
You are all warmly invited to join us for an evening of sharing and connection under the banner of “Calling a New Land Home”. Come along to share your stories of home, journeys, and adapting to somewhere new through storytelling, music, a poem, a performance, a photograph, or anything else you might want to use. All contributions are welcome, and you are also certainly most welcome to just come along to listen and watch.

If you are interested in participating, drop us a line or two on Leylinestheatre@gmail.com. We will be putting together a programme for the evening, but we will be leaving slots open for those who want to just turn up and share on the night as well.


All events over the course of Glasgow Anew are free, with the exception of the performance of The Giant and Her Daughter by Leylines theatre company (as detailed above.)

This exhibition and events are intended to encourage dialogue and the exchange of transnational perspectives, allowing the city to be experienced anew.

For more information please visit SIGOHA.org




Pipe Factory Courtyard: Moncur Street
10am – 3pm
Sunday 30th August 2015

Transit Arts is a nomadic programme of artists’ film, screened from the back of a van curated by Marcus Jack.

For its inaugural instalment, the van presents moving image works by Caroline Campbell, Common Culture, Dennis & Debbie Club, Jean-Baptiste Maitre and Will Kendrick which negotiate the adventure of consumption today, in the era of the experience economy.

Imitating and upending the language and postures of selling, “The Economy Experience” celebrates a mythology of honest commerce and its unsung heroes. This instalment is an elegy for late capitalism and its obsession with surface: viewer becomes consumer; art becomes product; artist becomes salesman.


11.09.15 – 19.30-21.30
CCA (Scott St. Alley)
350 Sauchiehall St.
Glasgow, G2 3DJ

18.09.15 – 19.30-21.30
CCA (Scott St. Alley)
350 Sauchiehall St.
Glasgow, G2 3DJ

Caroline Campbell /// balticwheels.org
Common Culture /// commonculture.co.uk
Dennis & Debbie Club /// www.dennisanddebbie.club
Jean-Baptiste Maitre /// jbmaitre.com
Will Kendrick /// willkendrick.co.uk

Presented as part of The Glasgow School of Art 2015 Graduate Degree Show. Further information at www.gsa.ac.uk/graddegreeshow2015.

Photo: Jen Martin

Thomas Teurlai: Snug as a thug in a rug

Thomas Teurlai: Snug as a thug in a rug


Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 18.05.36

7 – 9pm
Saturday 4th July 2015

12 – 5pm
Sunday 5th, Wednesday 9th – Sunday 12th July

In conjunction with Glasgow Sculpture Studios we are pleased to announce Snug as a thug in a rug, an exhibition of new work by Thomas Teurlai produced during his three month artist exchange at Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

Thomas Teurlai (b. 1988, Meaux, France, lives and works in Marseille) graduated from both Nantes’ school of art and The Villa Arson in Nice, and followed the Lyon’s School of Art post-graduate programme. He has entered into many collaborations with Quentin Euverte and Ugo Schiavi. Solo exhibitions include: Chopper Desk, The Fish Factory, Stodvarfjordur (2012); Klaus Nomi auf L.S.D., Picto, Geneva (2011). Group exhibitions include: Le trou, Villa Bernasconi, Geneva (2012); Mauvais Coups Pour Trois Fois Rien, Hangar Alstom, Nantes (2011); Le Laboratorium, Arles (2011); 345 Elder, The Broadway Space, New York (2007).

_ _ _

Thomas Teurlai is the recipient of the 2015 exchange with Triangle France. He has been resident in Glasgow for three months from April – June 2015. During this time he has had access to a studio at Glasgow Sculpture Studios as well as the communal production facilities, shared accommodation in Glasgow and has been provided with a 1000 euros production grant, as well as have logistical support including production, research and curatorial assistance.

This year’s exchange involves a mutual collaboration between The Pipe Factory and Glasgow Sculpture Studios; a centre for research, production, presentation and the dissemination of contemporary sculptural practices based at The Whisky Bond in the north of Glasgow.

This opportunity is supported by Glasgow City Council and The Pipe Factory.


East End Transmissions: Exhibition & Publication



East End Transmissions

Jen Devonshire,  Aideen Doran,  Virginia Hutchison, Thomas Leyland Collins, Kit Mead, Douglas Morland, Janie Nicoll, Lyndsey Smith and  Susannah Stark.

November 14th – December  7th
Preview: ThursdayNovember 13th 6-9pm

 A Curatorial project by Francesca Zappia

Download:East End Tranmissions Programme 

Website: www.eastendtransmissions.net

Press Release

Within the shadows of this year of ‘Culture’ and Commonwealth Games hosted for the most part in the East End of Glasgow, there has been a growing disquiet, a deep questioning of the regeneration project of this once flourishing industrial area, its culture and its inhabitants. Traces of what the East End of Glasgow has been – its characters, communities, shops, markets, cinemas and theatres – remain in the undeniable energy and memories of the East Enders. A history that also remains in libraries and local archives, where there are remnants of the East End as the heart of the city, with its cathedral, necropolis, university [1] and the Green, once the park par excellence of the second city of the Empire, now similarly ‘eclipsed’ by its West End version. Much of the history of the East End resides not in large monuments or statues but in the occasional engraved pavement slabs, stories of industry related growth and tragedy (Templeton disaster), of working class struggle (The Calton Weavers) and May-Days at the Green, and the darker world of scientific revolution and discovery of Alexander Wilson or James Watt, sometimes uncannily played on executed bodies gleaned from the Gallowgate (Matthew Clydesdale).

And still in the archives, there are voluminous quantities of promotional flyers giving details of – high-rise buildings, motorways! – urban utopias, an East End constantly in regeneration, each time drawn with urban modern care from the Fifties to the present. Rather than ameliorating the life conditions of the East Enders, these ‘renewals’ created large scale depopulation, polluted wastelands, and new ruins fortuitously designed for collapsing concrete spectacles (The Gallowgate Twins).

The latest of these series of urban plans is the Clyde Gateway, whose promotional video (see youtube) heralds the coming of a ‘New East End’.

If the memory of the East End is intended to be shortened, if not removed, let’s transmit and broadcast its contents while it still has life. Starting from an interrogation of the local context of the East End, the East End Transmissions project is built as a platform which aims to stretch and stress the interpretations of this context, amplify opinions, engage ideas and provoke discussion about history, gentrification and regeneration in the area. Through its different constituent parts (exhibition, program of events, documentation, website, posters, and publication), East End Transmissions aims to produce critical content and reveal the secondary stories too often dismissed and omitted from the records. Each part of the project intends to develop further the topics from different points of view.The exhibition runs between November and December 2014 at The Pipe Factory, Glasgow, and features artists Aideen Doran, Virginia Hutchison, Thomas Leyland Collins, Kit Mead, Douglas Morland, Janie Nicoll, Lyndsey Smith, Susannah Stark, graphic designer Jen Devonshire, and stories from the community. Its aim is to transmit and react to (personal) stories and events, freeze present realities, and anticipate (sci-fi) scenarios. It is documented by books and prints, available for consultation, drawing on literature, poetry, theatre, social and urban studies, etc. A program of events extends the debate through a series of screenings and lectures, as well as artistic performances. The online platform runs as a parallel project to the exhibition, revealing artists’ researches and giving voice to the community, always open to new content and contributions. In addition a publication will be produced over the course of the exhibition, as a critical tool resuming, documenting and expanding on the different debates raised during the exhibition and events.

[1] The University of Glasgow which was originally located near High Street station before its conspicuous move to the West End.

The Graduate Residency 2014 Screening :


The Graduate Residency 2014 Screening :


‘The Graduate Residency 2014 Screening’ brings together artists film, cinema, and found footage Curated by, Eva Duerden, John Fuller, Sam Hewland, Jake Kent and Tom Holland. The Screening draws on various ideas and strands of influence from all of the artists involved in our 2014 Graduate residency, to explore joint themes that evolved from their collective studio time. These broad ranging themes include but are not limited to, production process, bi-product, residue, re-enactment, gestalt, value and capital.

THANKS : Graduate Residency 2014



THANKS is an exhibition of five artist , Eva Duerden, John Fuller, Sam Hewland, Jake Kent and Tom Holland who have recently grauadted from artschools across the UK. The artists have been in residence in our gallery space since the beginning of September researching and developing new works, and meeting with various artists and curators based in Glasgow.

The exhibition opens on Friday the 10th from 6 – 8pm
The exhibition is then open Thursday – Sunday 11-5pm until the 26th of October.

As part of the exhibition there will be a screening event on Thursday the 23rd.


De Ultramar : Screening Programme


De Ultramar
July 29th – August 15th


Through these screening programmes we will focus on both Portugal’s colonial history and that of it’s former colonies. From works dealing with historical narratives to those about contemporary situations, De Ultramar attempts to give an insight into a complicated legacy of colonialism and imperialism. The history of Portugal’s colonialism reaches back to “The Age of Discovery” starting in the 15th India. Until its independence in 1822 Brazil was Portugal’s largest colony, after the decolonization of Brazil Portugal was left mainly with territory within Africa and in India and Asia. The colonies of the Third Portuguese Empire were heavily contended for by António de Oliveira Salazar and his Estado Novo (the new state or second republic, 1933-74). Under Salazar’s authoritarian regime Portugal was proclaimed ‘not a small country’ due to the landmass of the African territories it controlled. After the second world war a serious of uprisings in Portuguese ‘overseas territory’ began to take hold culminating in the African wars of independence, which led to the Portuguese colonial wars 1961-74 (Guerra do Ultramar in Portugal and Guerra de Libertação in the former colonies), the effect of which saw the toppling of the Estado Novo regime by a military coup (The Carnation Revolution) in Portugal and the decolonisation of it’s former territories. The screenings in De Ultramar can be divided into three interlinked sections. One, those works that deal directly with the historical imperial ventures of the Portuguese empire, mostly relating to the colonization of Brazil. Two, those that relate to the aftermath of colonialism in Brazil and Portugal, dealing with the cultural legacy and how this history has shaped the two countries. Through this section the visualization of a history of colonialism can be explored, and possible links drawn out between shared histories of authoritarian rule experienced in both Brazil and Portugal.

The third section largely deals with the colonialism within the African territories and the more contemporary history of the colonial wars. It explores this history through the liberation movements of the former colonies, the Portuguese forces that were stationed there, and the subsequent independence within the former colonies and the revolution in Portugal. From works of historical fiction, abstraction, visual anthropology, documentary, cinema and artist’s video and film, De Ultramar collects together visual responses and representations of legacy of Portuguese colonialism. The full programme for De Ultramar will be launched on Tuesday the 29th and will then be available as a print copy or to download from The Pipe Factory website.

Online updates for upcoming screenings will also be released here on our website and through social media.

> Download Programme

More Information about the De Ultramar Programme Can be found here including artists bios and screening notes

Amandine Guruceaga : Wupu Bleach Bang


Wupu Bleach Bang
Amandine Guruceaga
July 30th – August 15th


The Pipe Factory is pleased to present Wupu Bleach Bang, a solo exhibition by artist Amandine Guruceaga. Through a series of formal experimentations, with material and form Gurucega’s has produced works for the exhibition which aim to trigger postmodernist omens, bearing witness to the poetics of creolization. Comprised of new sculptures and works on fabric, Wupu Bleach Bang summons up the complexities of post-colonialist politics deeply interwoven in both Scottish Tartans and African waxprints.

Gurucega, is based in Marseille, she has had a solo show Nana Benz at Diagonal 61 gallery, Mirador balnéaire, public order for Marseille European Capital of culture 2013
and she has participated for group shows, Les arts éphèmères, the park Maison Blanche, Marseille, Sculpture synchronisée, villa Arson, Nice, VS, Galerie Hfg Offenbach, Berlin.

In addition, she will be opening an artist run space in Marseille, Tank, where she will co-curate the opening exhibition at the end of August.

She is currently the “Triangle France” artist-in-residence at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios where she produced the works for the exhibition during her three-month sojourn.

Amandine Guruceaga (b. Toulouse, France) graduated from the School of Fine Art Marseille in 2013. Recent exhibitions include Les Arts Ephémères at the park Maison Blanche Marseille, Nana Benz (solo show) at Diagonal 61 gallery, Sculpture Synchronisée Villa Arson, Nice, Mirador balnéaire for Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013 and volet 1 degree show in Hors les murs gallery, Marseille. After her residency in Glasgow Guruceaga will undertake a residency in Paris in September at été Indien, residence du Batiment F François Villon, she will also be opening an artist run space in Marseille Tank, that will act as a workshop where she will invite other artists to share space for exhibitions, meeting and events. She will co-curate the opening exhibition at the end of August during the art fair week.


The Pipe Factory
Thu- Sat 11am-4pm
(Or by appointment)

42 Bain St G40 2LA

?! Festival : Pheobe Amis | Sarah Bowers | Amelia Bywater | Francis Davis | Emily Ilett | Emilia Muller-Ginorio & Florrie James | Rob Kennedy | Geoff Lucas | Joanna Peace | HOAX publication | Calum Rodger | Sarah Rose | Susannah Stark | Laura Simpson | Gareth Vile | Martin Vincent | Rebecca Wilcox | Fritz Welch | JL Williams


June 28th & 


On June 28th and 29th The Pipe Factory presented a two day festival centered around the written and the spoken word, with film screenings , spoken word performance, and texts.

featuring works and contributions from:

Pheobe Amis | Sarah Bowers | Amelia Bywater | Francis Davis | Emily Ilett | Emilia Muller-Ginorio & Florrie James | Rob Kennedy | Geoff Lucas | Joanna Peace | HOAX publication | Calum Rodger | Sarah Rose | Susannah Stark | Laura Simpson | Gareth Vile | Martin Vincent | Rebecca Wilcox | Fritz Welch | JL Williams

And works by:
David Antin | John Baldessari | Guy Debord |
Mike Dunford | Hollis Frampton | Derek Jarman |
and many more…



The Pipe Factory

Thu- Sun 12-4pm
(Or by appointment)
42 Bain St G40 2LA

Duncan Marquiss : Spandrals Screening

Duncan Marquiss : Spandrals Screening

A screening of works relating to the ideas and images presented within ‘Spandrals’ (exhibition), featuring the works of Rose Lowder (‘Bouquets 1-10’), and extracts from various lectures, artists film and source material.

Video List :

Knitted Clothing Simulation at Ultra High Detail by Kai Kostack, 2012

Lecture on schizophrenia by Robert Sapolsky, 2011(extract)

Phillip K. Dick audio interview with Paul Sammon, 1981 (extract) / Scratches film effects video by Footage Island, 2013

Thomas Bayrle interviewed by Ingo Niermann, 2012

Stephen Jay Gould: 7 Wonders of The World, 1995

Blue Jeans The Fabric of Freedom, 2013

Composing With Process 8.1 by Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore, featuring Strand of Life by Laurie Spiegel /
Static tv morph noise effect – lo-fi by Free Stock Footage Archive, 2014

Marshall McLuhan lecture on ABC Radio National Network Australia, 1979

Bouquets 1-10, 1994-1995 by Rose Lowder.

Duncan Marquiss : Spandrels


Duncan Marquiss
May 23rd – June 15th
Preview: Thursday May 22nd 6-9pm

A spandrel is a triangular wall space that forms between two adjacent arches. The biologists Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin borrowed this architectural term to describe characteristics in animals that have no apparent function. (They cite the human chin as one example). This suggests that some traits in animals are not the direct result of utilitarian natural selection, but may be evolutionary byproducts, trace remains or glitches. Gould and Lewontin emphasis how constraints in body planes, and random genetic drift, are significant forces in determining the shape and behavior of an animal. The artworks in my exhibition at The Pipe Factory also take material limits and random processes as creative parameters. To paraphrase Gould and Lewontin, the constraints themselves are often more interesting than the selective force or intention. The work Video Artifacts: 2004-2014 plays on the double meaning of the term artefact. Comprised of extracts from my archive of unused footage, the videos are historical objects. But the movement within the videos of swarming midges and interwoven reeds also recall the patterns of digital artifacts – unwanted noise or interference in the image. The drawings in the exhibition are similarly concerned with pattern and analogy. I find it useful to think of them as trace remains of my activity, a record of ideas developing through material play. Perhaps then these artworks can be considered as spandrellike echoes of that process.

Duncan Marquiss (b. 1979 Scotland). Recent exhibitions include Secret Societies at Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt 2011; Noise at Unosunove, Rome 2012 and Flatness: Cinema After The Internet at Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, 2013.


The Pipe Factory
Thu- Sun 12-4pm
(Or by appointment)
42 Bain St G40 2LA

GI Bricolage



May 23rd – June 15th
Preview: Thursday May 22nd 6-9pm

Bricolage was a programme of fifteen exhibitions and events developed by The Pipe Factory, with invited artists and curators. Utilising the concept of bricolage as a curatorial framework, the programme sought to explore new approaches to exhibition making; presenting an eclectic and engaging series of events that ranged from, immersive installations, interactive sculptures, and architectural interventions, to talks, screenings and performances.

Please see the details of each Bricolage exhibition below:

Fold Up Snap On  | April 5th – 21st | 11am – 6pm |

Preview: 10th April, 6pm – 9pm

An exhibition of work by Mikey Cook, Georgia Horgan, Rachel Levine and Abigale Neate Wilson.

See website for more info.

A Garden of Forking Paths | April 5th – 21st | 11am – 6pm |

A Psychedelic Garden, and hospitality space that plays host to a series of workshops, screenings, and events.

See website for more info.

De Re Aedificatoria | April 5th – 21st | 11am – 6pm |

An architectural installation which takes its influence the simple ratios and elements found in the architectural treatise De Re Aedificatoria by Leon Battista Alberti.

See website for more info.

Ohne Sin San Un Sans | April 5th – 21st | 11am – 6pm |

Preview: 10th April, 6pm – 9pm

Ohne Sin San Un Sans is an installation created by Alexander Storey-Gordon.

See website for more info.

Trails exhibition | April 5th – 17th| 11am – 6pm |

Preview: 12th April, 6pm – 9pm

A dynamic composition of recordings, prints and installation from the Barrowlands.

See website for more info.

Filter Ono Filter | April 5th – 21st | 11am – 6pm |

Preview: 11th April, 6pm – 9pm

‘Memory discs’ inspired by nocturnal activity in the Barras area.

See website for more info.

_ _ _ _ | April 5th – 21st | 11am – 6pm |

A series of small works which play between form and function, failure and potentiality and which reflect on its recent history as an artists workspace.

See website for more info.

PipeApp | April 5th – 21st | 11am – 6pm |

Online mapping project interweaving lost & destroyed spaces with existing ones.

See website for more info.

Sulla Terra (andante) , | April 5th – 21st | 11am – 6pm |

Preview: 11th April, 6pm – 9pm

Sulla Terra (andante) is an extensive permanent mural, painted onto the concrete steps of the vast stairwell in The Pipe Factory. Supported by Glasgow Life and Creative Scotland.

See website for more info.


Performance Nights 2



Performance Nights offers an opportunity for practitioners working in the field of performance to present works in progress and or ‘finished’ pieces for peer discussion and debate.
The nights are run every three months in The Pipe Factory gallery space and are open to the public, and to participation from all different genres of performance from theatre, spoken word and art performance to dance and live art.

the 2nd edition of Performance Nights
included works from:

James Stephen Wright, Peter McRae , Stephen O’toole, Morgan cahn, Struan Kennedy, Fabrizio Potestad, Adam Scarborough, and Kate Clayton

Winter & Spring Classes 2014

| Winter & Spring Classes | Jan 21st – March 31st |

The Pipe Factory Winter & Spring Classes 2014
at Calton Heritage & Learning Centre

Creative Writing Classes
Tuesday 7 – 9 pm
Starts Tue 21st January 2014
(10 week block)

Drawing Classes
Thursday 2 – 4 pm
Starts Thu 23rd January 2014
(10 week block)

Led by Glasgow based practicing artists, musicians and writers, The Pipe Factory Classes offer a range of approaches and techniques to drawing and writing in a discursive and lively environment. Both classes will provide all necessary materials and the drawing class will have life drawing sessions and painting. Suitable for young people and adults aged 18 and over.

The places are subsidized by Glasgow City Council  but are limited. Both classes are now full however, if you or someone you know would like to be put on the waiting list please:

Email: info@thepipefactory.co.uk


Call: 0141 550 9573


In person: Drop into Calton Heritage & Learning Centre before a class on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

Calton Heritage & Learning Centre
423 London Road
Glasgow G40 1AG


Performance Nights : 1


Performance Nights offers an opportunity for practitioners working in the field of performance to present works in progress and or ‘finished’ pieces for peer discussion and debate.
The nights are run every three months in The Pipe Factory gallery space and are open to the public, and to participation from all different genres of performance from theatre, spoken word and art performance to dance and live art.

The first edition of Performance Nights was on Friday 15th of November and include works from:

Gordon Douglas, Greg Sinclair, Conor Baird & Suzzane Platt, Tess Vaughn, Duncan Comrie & Peter McRae, Nikki Kane and Adam Scarborough, and Stephanie Black.
If you wish to contribute a performance to future Performance Nights then please send an email with your name contact details and a description of your performance containing information about its content and duration to:


[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

Sogol Mabadi : Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence | Sogol Mabadi | October 1st – 31st |


Sogol Mabadi will be in residence in the space from October 1st to 31st :

My experience of the ‘veil’ is of something that does not mask but simply exists. Intrinsically. And like an encryption it has a sense of its own.

If my efforts have previously been grounded in the idea of an intrinsic veil that you are encouraged to lift to explore ‘otherness’, I will now investigate how, in the process of making these veils visible, we might integrate and accept them as extra limbs with a function. During my residency, I will investigate how a veil may be used as ears are used for hearing, eyes for seeing and arms for reaching out. In an equitable and welcoming space, I will, with the use of these integrated attachments, invite you to playfully interact with me in both familiar and new ways.

There will be no exhibition or opening at the conclusion of this residency. Instead I will invite you to come and spend time with me in the space.  Information about dates and times will be made available on the website closer to the time.

For more information please visit www.sogolmabadi.com



Craig Barrowman : Exhibition

Craig Barrowman
September 15th – 29th
Exhibition Preview: Sat 14th Sept 6-9pm

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]


In september we presented a solo show by artist Craig Barrowman. The exhibition comprised of a series of sculptures through which craig explored the underlying geometric structures of matter and consciousness through a process which oscillated between the digital and the handmade, utilising open-source technology and humble materials.



Hugh Pottinger & Patrick Queen : Graduate Residency

Hugh Pottinger & Patrick Queen
Graduate Residency
August 1st – 31st

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

Hugh Pottinger and Patrick Queen where selected as part of The Pipe Factory Graduate Residency programme as artists in residence for the month of August 2013. They used the time and space provided as part of the residency as a testing ground to bring together their individual practices within a collaborative project. Both artists consider spatial experience to be an important part of their work, but respond to this stimulus in differing ways. Hugh Pottinger takes sound as his primary focus to produce complex audio pieces and improvised instruments while Patrick Queen explores the physicality of materials, often using clay and plaster to construct sculptural forms. Their work for the project aimed to make visible the moments of overlap and tension in their respective practices, producing new bodies of work that address the relationship between what we see and what we hear, and the simultaneous experience of sonic and physical environments.

As part of the project Hugh Pottinger also created a sound workshop entitled ‘Voluntary Vibrations’ based around objects associated with ‘exhibition opening culture’ and audience engagement. This involved the creation of a beer bottle choir and a clapping orchestra which where conducted by the movements of selected audience members as they passed through the space. The night also featured a performance from Hugh with various improvised instruments. The sound from these workshop was later used as a basis for the end of residency exhibition.



Image credit @ Untitled Patrick Queen 2013


Six interpretations of the end of our world, each one a symbiotic collaboration between Glasgow-based artists and musicians producing sonically and visually stimulating artwork. Artists are encouraged to engage with the performance of each piece of music and in the creation of the piece itself. This will be a truly collaborative exercise celebrating and commiserating humanity on its prosperity and certain downfall. All six pieces will be performed together at one main event looking to our absent future.



PIPEsleepWEB copy

The sleeping cinema is a film screening of first and second wave Surrealist film and cinema which actively encourages the viewers lapse into sleep. Featuring the work of both recognized Surrealists and their successors, the screening moves from the early experimental shorts, that first characterized a Surrealist approach to film through to the more narrative cinema which typify the Surrealists in exile. The screening touches finally on two divergent routs, on the one hand the eventual absurd Hollywoodization of Surrealist in the late 40s and on the other the reinvigoration of the style in the works of the Letterist.

Films include those of Jean Cocteau, Man Ray, Germaine Dulac, Luis Burnel, and Marc O.

For the twelve hour(6hrsx2)duration of the event, films will be projected onto a large screen at one end of the room which will be placed at an angle on the ceiling to allow its horizontal viewing. The floor will be covered with a grid of fitted mattresses, and the interval between the films marked by short self filmed interludes.



Glasgow Open Dance School provides a space where people can learn, teach and partake in movement related workshops for free. We will be holding a one day off site movement workshop.

For G.O.D.S’ movement begins with the body, to de intellectualise by listening acutely to the body; the collective body and your (my) individual body. (YES)

Following feeling rather than style or technique and attempting to move from the gut, we learn together. Allowing our instinct to be our nose, leading us towards what is attractive to us and away from what is not. It is integral that GODS is physical and holistic; valuing shared learning and collective movement above individual excellence. We (you) move as a group in continual process without pressure to ever perform or finalise. (YES)

Everyone (you) is equally welcome to contribute to the content of the workshops. All forms of movement and methods of teaching are encouraged. G.O.D.S is a non fixed group with an intentionally non thematic style. Our intention is to move. (YES)

To get down and get the body of a GOD! Email getthebodyofagod@gmail.com and include (YES) in the subject box to receive irregular event updates.



A feral choir workshop led by artist Sinead Young exploring non-verbal vocalisation; singing without words and freedom from speech. No previous experience required or desired.




Projector/Director, is an experiment in the automated creativity of redundant technology and the alchemy of cinema. On entering the blacked out Pipe Factory space, the viewer is confronted by 13 carousel slide projectors, purring away in darkness at different speeds, spitting out a collection of slide imagery found, composed,hand tinted and melted. The slide show explores the fragmentation of time, narrative and the image.









[portfolio_slideshow size=full]


[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

A day of discussion following on from Temporary Art School Aberdeen 2012 looking at current models of art education and the politics of self-organised models of education in relation to contemporary art practice. The event is free and open to the public.

Speakers include: Willie Nelson (Visual Art Studio Tramway), Iris Aspinall Priest (The Newbridge Project / Canned Magazine), Natalie McFadyen (Impact Arts), Ken Neil (Glasgow School of Art)

With thanks to Scottish Community Foundation, Limousine Bull, Project Slogan, Peacock Visual Arts, Glasgow School of Art and Gray’s School of Art for their generous support.

For project archive visit: www.temporaryartschool.co.uk



GI: Drive

A text based print installed on a truck will be driven through the city, surrounding motorways, and onto an aimless journey around Scotland.


[portfolio_slideshow size=full]

During the day the cafe was open to the public. guests where greeted by a waitress at the door and offered the couleur cafe speciale. They where free to walk around and explore the space at will. When their drink where served the couleur cafe title track is played throughout the cafe (operated by the waitress). When they are not serving the waitresses will be preening themselves and interacting with the set. There is a piano projected onto the wall, emitting bohemian melodies and 60’s french pop from time to time.

During the night the cafe became a book-ahead event for a maximum of 8 people per night. guests where expected to arrive roundabout the same time. They are greeted by a waitress who gave them a pair of wireless headphones and told them how to use them, how the food is served, etc.

There was a brass candlestick with lit candles in the centre of the dining table.

There was a chef in white uniform and hat in the kitchenette who is preparing food and flirting with the waitresses.

There was be an old radio in one corner of the space with a sensor behind it; when a guest is in the near vicinity they automatically tune in to the radio channel (looped music and french sound poetry-similar to the piano emissions during the day)

When the food was ready the corresponding track to a particular dish played from a sensor hidden under the dining table, so that the guest who ordered a dish knows their food is ready. The Guests where shown to their seats (each seat has a folded white sheet upon it) served their dish and the waitress placed the white sheet over their heads so that they could dine in peace.

On certain nights there was live music/entertainment after dinner.





ok-yuh-pahy was a day-long performance event curated by artists Ashanti Harris & Emily Ilett. This event occupied the contrasting spaces of The Pipe factory and comprised of site-specific, durational and process-based performance, as well as absurdist and spectacular performative sculpture pieces from both Glasgow-based and international artists.




GI: A Futurist Meal


A meal and sculptural dining experience inspired by the history of futurism and prepared along the lines set out in the futurist cookbook.

GI: A Series Of Short Lived Happenings


For a series of short lived happenings artists from across Glasgow have been asked to propose and perform a series of short lived interventions in areas across the city, with the aim to create a live event that evolves during GI.